Coming in late in the place of providing observe, you’ll place a meeting of into wrong-foot and you can possibly wreck the partnership

Coming in late in the place of providing observe, you’ll place a meeting of into wrong-foot and you can possibly wreck the partnership

Could you be creating, or probably create, team when you look at the Norway? An understanding of the average Norwegian and of Norwegian company people you will really help you out over a boost.

Doing business inside a foreign country are challenging. Whether you are think a corporate visit to Norway, relocating otherwise starting a special organization right here, some knowledge in regards to the people and you will organization “know-how” will likely be key to quickly make a renewable company and also to settle in.

Basic beliefs

Norwegian company culture are based on Norwegian performing thinking. Flat construction, equality and you can trust try center viewpoints when you look at the functioning lifestyle inside Norway. Norwegians regards such values while the a tool to reach a competent and you may successful providers.

Flat design

Norwegians accept that equality and you can trust will be base out-of competent, in charge, and active organizations. As a result, really providers decide on an apartment and you will low-hierarchical construction.

A flat structure means essential decisions on organization are commonly made in groups, and you will professionals was consulted and mixed up in process. Furthermore, executives at the work environment are needed to behave significantly more as the instructors and you can facilitators instead of authoritarian rates.


A good precondition having a condo structure was equality. Gender equality was practiced and you can appreciated in every respect away from neighborhood including company lifestyle. People work since senior executives otherwise personnel. Ladies are equal couples.

Once the equivalence typically is actually appreciated, you should be understand that headings and you may icons off power is faster important in Norway, as compared to many other countries. Usage of headings is in some situations meet the requirements old-fashioned.


Norwegians has actually extremely large rely upon both as well as in individuals organizations. Trust anywhere between professionals and businesses are fundamental. Hence, you could typically enjoys confidence one a member of staff, a worker, or a business mate perform what is assented.

Conferences and you may transactions

Appointments might possibly be from cellular telephone or of the age-emails because the much ahead of time as possible, prior to the very first meeting. Visits made-over the phone usually are affirmed written down. The fundamental business looks are apparently informal. not, group meetings is well-prepared, as this reveals partnership and you may professionality. Agendas are submitted advance to let the company couples into the Norway to prepare for the meeting.

While in a business fulfilling, you can even experience you to definitely deals are moving ahead rapidly, as many Norwegians do not need enough time-standing individual dating so you can conduct business. The reason for which being the general believe and you may rely on in someone else, because the showcased first. Hence, it’s key to getting and appearance trustworthy and reliable for the all aspects when dealing with Norwegian organizations.


Dental arrangements and you may created deals try collectively binding centered on Norwegian rules. Agreements shall be entered towards quickly, both having a primary email or even just a beneficial handshake, because trust aspect can be so line of. In case the necessary believe exists, a beneficial Norwegian businessman or lady commonly shake hands with you, trusting that the functions have a tendency to draft the latest documents after. Bear in mind although not one big companies have a far more specialized strategy, and therefore lots of people are relocating the latest guidance of alot more “American inspired” deals, that have a little extensive documentation.


Norwegians generally do not assume a great amount of negotiating, neither within their private things or in company lifestyle. When settling, it is asked you introduce a company, sensible and you can aggressive initial speed. Aggressive negotiating will most likely provide no place and you can ong the Norwegians competitors.

Dress password and you may office environment

Any office environment is usually instead casual having an informal otherwise company informal top password. This can however include your location in the united states, noting you to definitely agencies in the premier cities generally behavior a very conservative skirt password, which have gowns and you may dark colored suits that have shirt and you can tie.

Greetings at your workplace are done which have a primary identity foundation, and you can company lovers will also typically speak to each other because of the utilising the first-name.

For those who target people you don’t see inside the a message it is common to use the full term, however, that often you will rapidly move on to address for each and every other for the a first term foundation.

Basic advice and you will “know-how”

Meetings will be set-up beforehand and you will confirmed by age-post or mobile. Punctuality was appreciated because it implies honesty , and is also felt impolite to-be later to conferences. When you are powering later so you’re able to a conference, actually just a few minutes, it is questioned that you name to tell.

Pricey gift suggestions to a corporate spouse shall be avoided as it might possibly be regarded as a good bribe. Giving gifts is not part of Norwegian business society, except a tiny Xmas provide otherwise something which have a logo design.

Over 99 % of people talk Norwegian because their very first code. However, very Norwegians are trained in English, in order to anticipate to steer owing to society and you will company instead of big troubles.

Norwegians are perceived as cool and you will direct. You shouldn’t be astonished in the event the people do not talk to one another throughout the lift, within the a store otherwise towards shuttle. Small-talk which have visitors is not prominent in the Norway.

Norway is not a member of the newest Eu. Yet not, this new EEA-arrangement ensures that Norway takes part in the new Eu interior age foundation given that Eu-users.

German, French and you can Foreign-language are will taught at school, but the majority Norwegians commonly proficient during these dialects. Norwegians is also understand Swedes and Danes with very little difficulties.

Real time and you may operate in Norway

Surviving in Norway are pricey, nevertheless the salaries are aggressive, retirement excellent, and total well being is extraordinary. Norwegians really worth an effective really works-life harmony. Typical business hours initiate at 8.00 was and stop at 4.00 pm, regarding Tuesday to help you Saturday, and you will opening times away from personal workplaces usually come from up to 9.00 was so you can 2.00 or step 3.00 pm. Anyone summer holiday was about three weeks when you look at the July. Within these months, in addition to weeks off through the Christmas and Easter, a person is maybe not likely to functions, and answering age-mails etc.

Keep in mind…

For folks who keep in mind that next situations are appreciated whenever navigating using Norwegian providers life, you’ll improve your chances of achievements:

  1. Equality and you will apartment structures
  2. Work with venture
  3. Relaxed and quick communications
  4. Faith certainly one of some one
  5. Equilibrium out of functions and private lifestyle
  6. Punctuality and you will trustworthiness

Norwegian compliance and reporting responsibilities

Whenever a foreign organization desires do business inside the Norway, standard solutions are usually more important than simply details. Install the totally free guide to Norwegian compliance, formalities and reporting commitments.

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